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City-Data – ?

User talk:Floyd Davidson – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you continue with destructive edits, with even a single one, I will file a complaint for vandalism. YOU have been warned. Floyd Davidson 00:38,

 It seems he can’t take what natives say as true.   He calls a lot of people bad names!

floyd davidson is the only authority on the internet about Alaska and its Original people(s). He is an authorative atriculate person who copies other peoples mistakes out of old books and acts like he is the final authority !  Each and every time he is  proven wrong, He finds some other method to attack me. that reputation counter is  a mighty powerful indicator !


I am ‘discusting’ he said… .. your wrong he insisted, I made a phone call to a friend, he says your wrong. Turns out, I was right. I got banned !

This is nothing new for me in my ‘life’, this is the norm !!

STORY TIME: !!.. .. .. This is what every one wants, more stories, more photos !!

I was sent to pump station # 6 to work for Norcon Electric. Repairs were being made in all the pump stations up and down the line, in the terminal in Valdez and much more in Prudhoe Bay.

I had been a pump station six for about 2 weeks when my tool partner and I were given a new job, by our young 25 year old forman.  Our job was to physically remove a huge electical panel and disconnect everything from it. A new panel was being installed as the next step.

The old panel had been removed, all wires were disconnected, the main feeders to this panel were dead.  My tool partner reached for a branch circuit wire that was white. a neutral wire.  In normal circuity this wire never has voltage on it, it is neutral. My tool partner revceived a very bad shock, from a wire that was supposed to be dead.  I shut down our portion of the job and did some investigating. My 25 year old forman    said he would find the error and he picked up a set of blue prints that were 17 years old. I will find it here. he said.  I opened two junction boxes and found the problem.  I drew up a small diagram of what I had found.  I went to the A shift supervisor, my forman would not listen to one thing I had to say. He knew better.  I walked into the shift supervisor’s office and told him what I had discovered.  who the ***** are you ??  he yelled .. Get the **** out of here.. who do you think you are ?  We test this system 3 times each day, for 17 years. . Get the ***** out of my office now !!  I was quite upset, but I did as he commanded.  Later during the shift change, I went to the B team supervisor and presented my findings to him.  He said he would look into it.  Two days later, at the morning satety meeting of all the electricians. I was given this in front of every one. 

People just hate it when I am right, they just want me gone !!  total denial of the truth.


I was laid off  the very next day by the ‘General Forman’  He announced to everyone that morning, that we had one worker too many and I had to be the one they let go. Two formen stood up and said uh uh.. your not playing that game.. We both quit.. Now you do not need to lay anyone off. your one man short !!  They backed me up!!  My drawing was sent to all the different pump stations. Every station had to make the changes I had put on paper.!!   We have some real skillful talent in this state for electrical workers.  I received my education back in Boston.  I have won more awards @ work  in this state than any other electrican (union) in the entire state !

So it is perfectly normal for me to understand why THREE popular threads were closed @ city data dot com and I was banned three times.  Only because I was right when others insisted I was wrong!

We cannot have people like me @ city data.. It spoils the reputation counter in the upper right corner that so many mindless individuals believe in and worship!


3 Responses to “City-Data – ?”

  1. Dave.... said

    The guys a major jerk…..very transparent, anyone can see that

    The guy takes crappie pictures and copyrights them…!

    Like someone would wanna steal them….what a joke he is

  2. majikimaje said

    what amazes me so much about this mindless, brainless moron is that when I posted the price of fuel in Point Hope, he called me a liar. Wow. .this guy has never been to Point Hope.. He doesn’t know WHY the price is so high.. Because the Native corporation Tikigaq corp sets the price. Everything in this village is much higher because that is how TIKIGAQ corporation makes its money..!! they are bankrupt !! 50 million is gone !! No shareholders meeting this year.
    Ssshhh !! Keep it quiet !! Pretend nothing is wrong.. Meanwhile the President wants his pay doubled. from 5k a week !! to ten thousand a week !!!

  3. Dave.... said

    Dave…. you need to add a site page, copy it after CD

    “Alaska-Data”…maybe in the forums ??

    Where is the on-line store…wasn’t it supposed to launch on June 8th ?

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