High in the Arctic .. .. Eskimo !!

Life in the arctic @ 50 below zero


The mistake sherrif !! watch out. !!

User talk:Floyd Davidson – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you continue with destructive edits, with even a single one, I will file a complaint for vandalism. YOU have been warned. Floyd Davidson 00:38,

It seems he can’t take what natives say as true. He calls a lot of people bad names!

megansmom iswrong

A woman from the East coast, that has lived the alaskan lifestyle. in South Carolina

that just has to be the most outlandish lie !!

how do you subsist ? by going to the grocery store ?

ALASKAN LIFESTYLE. .oh would I love to see you.. out on that ice..


Lady ( I used the term loosely.) YOUR MOUTH.. ..

is discusting !! why do you lie so much ?

typical white person


4 Responses to “Floyd-David-Son”

  1. Dave.... said

    Why hasn’t that old has-been know-it-all that knows nothing actually been tossed out of Alaska yet…!

    He’s a farce….

  2. majikimaje said

    This is true ! YOu have access to that original article, written in the archives May 1991 Barrow two womens skulls crushed splattered all over the ocean ice. And floyd states so authoriatveilly.. Oh that didin’t happen I talked to an EMT that was down there. Nope that is not true floyd but he cannot admit the truth when he is wrong He constantly looks for other peoples mistakes and overlooks and denies his own mistakes. He butchers the inupiaq Language.

  3. majikimaje said

    Well his comments to me are all written here in this thread.. he managed to get it closed. His reputation climbed. (that is all that is important at city data .. the truth .. nope that doesn’t count. It is your ‘reputation’.

    The end of this story is what is so hilarious. Floyd said he called a ‘friend’ an EMT that was down there that day. We met the EMT’s son.. Gage Saxton. Barrow is small, it is easy to find anyone, or hear the gossip about them, especially in the smaller villages. Yes.. said Gage, my Dad was there, he told floyd, two womens heads were crushed smashed, the first woman lost half her face, it was gone. the block and tackle was smashed, destroyed. Hunters were given ‘bags’ to gather up the splattered brain matter from two women that died. Pieces of skull with hair stil attached had to be gathered up. .The police took everyones cameras away, Out of respect for the families. IN other words.. Floyd knew the truth, he was told the truth by the EMT that was there.. We have it verified by many other people also that were there ! Eli Kagak was one of the hunters that had a bag, and a difficult job to do.
    Floyd’s only agenda was to get me off that forum, His reputation in the upper right corner of teh forum is all that counts. THE TRUTH is irrelavent.

  4. Dave.... said

    Where’s Floyd these days…..??

    Busy shooting those valuable pictures no doubt… 🙂

    Or….maybe in his local hang-out bs’ing the tourists ??

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